Natural Organic Soil


Smokin’ Tomatoes strives to provide it’s customers with an all-natural, organic alternative to chemicals and inorganic additives. Our mediums are of the highest quality and we uphold the best customer satisfaction.

“I love the soil, I use it from start to finish for every plant and very rarely have any plant health issues. It provides the fastest vegetative growth I’ve ever seen. I recommend it to everyone who is just starting out because it’s so easy to use, just add water!”


“This stuff, this dirt is for the 95% of people who don’t know how to grow but want to grow a good product without a lot of money.”


“The soil has been great, I love not having to mix any nutrients when I water my plants.”


Our Products


Smokin’ Tomatoes is a versatile growing medium. Our soils contain no artificial nutrients, chemicals or salts. Our natural soil produces superior flavor, aroma, and yield with no chemical harshness. Chemicals and Fertilizers leave behind latent chemicals that require a flush of water. There is no need to flush when growing with Our Living Soil.

MIX #1
Seed/Clone Mix

Gentle enough for seed starting and clones.

• Perfect for starting Clones and Seedlings.
• Designed to build your plants a healthy root structure (beneficial fungi).
• Germination mix, fine enough for delicate seeds and capable of holding moisture for extended periods.
• Enriched with 16 carefully selected ingredients including Organic Compost and Worm Castings.
• Formulated from organic ingredients including fungal matter that helps root structure, this mix has everything you will need to give your plants the best start.

MIX #2
Veg Blend

Gentle enough for seed starting and clones.

• The perfect mix for the vegetative growing state.
• Gentle enough for transplants and has an abundance of nutrients that have a high level of Nitrogen for explosive natural growth.
• Enriched with over 77 different trace minerals, this product contains Organic Compost, Worm Castings, and Poultry • Compost for a total of 23 ingredients!
• No need to add additional fertilizer to this mix.

MIX #3
Super Bloom Mix

Proven to finish your grow cycle without needing to add any synthetic ingredients.
• When plants in your vegetative state are ready to move on, plant them in Super Bloom Mix to complete the growing cycle.
• This super soil is blended with an abundance of Phosphates and 18 total ingredients to promote strong healthy blooms.
• Products contain Organic Compost, Worm Castings, Tennessee Brown Rock Phosphate, Sphagnum Peat, and more!
• This mix has the nutrients available for the bloom cycle. There is no need for any ‘over the counter’ fertilizers for most plants.

Compost Kicker

Proven to give your grow cycle an Organic Boost.
• A humidified, thermophilic manure compost designed for soil amending.
• Quality crafted from dairy manure and mixed with a few special ingredients for that extra kick.
• Can be used in compost tea mixes.
• Best used as a soil additive for an extra boost. Just hand sprinkle on top of existing soil & water well.
• Product contains Organic Compost and a Mineral Pack.